Defiant Belgian Cats to Supposed Terror Threat : We Got This

Defiant Belgian Cats to Supposed Terror Threat : We Got This

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Lockdown suspects

Bravo Belgium. After terrorism threats prompted a security lockdown and call for social media silence on police actions, gleeful Belgians decided to get on with their lives and responded not with fear but....cats. Admittedly, even for the dog-lovers among us, hilarious cats. Using the hashtag #BrussellsLockdown, scores posted memes of cats as Darth Vader and Superman, wielding swords and waffles, riding unicorns and Hovercats, sleeping and chilling and mildly mocking the prevalent call for panic: "We're all living in fear! No, we're not." Nicely played, guys. "What did you do in the war, Daddy? I posted cat pictures on Twitter, son."

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