The Story of When the Night Comes: Where Syrian Children Sleep

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As a rabid right and a fear-mongering corporate media foment hysteria over ravaged refugees from a war we helped create, award-winning Swedish photographer Magnus Wennman set out to document the grim reality faced each night by thousands of Syrian children camped in Europe - on asphalt, in forests, beset by nightmares - en route from terror. In brief heart-wrenching portraits of each, he describes their memories of home, parents, soccer balls, distant peace, and their raging nightmares now, "when everything that once was no longer exists."

To help keep them alive, you can donate to the U.N.'s UNHCR. To understand what they and their families are fleeing, you can watch the last video filmed by Juma Al-Ahmad (Abu Noor), Director of Shahba Press in the city of Hayan in Aleppo Suburb. On October 27, four Russian airstrikes hit the town. Frantically running from one shrieking wailing calamity to another, Al-Ahmad managed to capture three strikes. He was killed in the fourth. From a colleague who posted the video:  "This is what it's like to live in Syria...The camera has been shut forever. Al-Ahmad died while trying to tell the story of his country to the world." Warning: terrifying.

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