If We Get Out There and Really Lead To Create Enthusiasm and Arabs and Take Back the Land Also Special Ops: Ben Carson Is A Moron

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Amidst all the laugh-or-cry news these days - see the cognitive dissonance of conservatives punishing refugees for the violence they're fleeing - we have a "presidential candidate" who, when asked what he "plans" to "do" about ISIS as "president," can only stammer out lunatic word salad on a deranged par with grain-storing Pyramids and slavery-like health care. Ben Carson's first post-Paris interview on “Fox News Sunday” was a surreal masterpiece of incoherence - think Monty Python - after host Chris Wallace asked him three times to name one ally he would invite to join his "international coalition" to fight radical Islam. Wallace the third time: "But, can you tell us who you would call first, sir?" Carson: "If we get out there and really lead and it appears that we're making progress then all of the Arab states and even the non Arab states, who I think are beginning to recognize that the, the, the jihad movement is global.....but if we fight it there, they will have to pool their resources in that area and then we won't have to necessarily won't have to fight them here. That's all I'm saying." Which is clearly more than enough.

Now Carson's "advisers" - including a former CIA agent indicted for lying to Congress during Iran-Contra - have gone on record to the New York Times that despite countless foreign policy briefings, "Nobody has been able to sit down with him and have him get one iota of intelligent information about the Middle East." Complained another, "We need to have a conference call once a week where his guys roll out the subjects they think will be out there, and we can make him smart.” Or maybe at least smarter than a guy who's dumb as a post. After a collective oops, other advisers suggested that actually he didn't answer on purpose 'cause it's "silly" to ask someone who's running to be the so-called leader of the free world what exactly he'll "do" in the job, and in fact, "Dr. Carson learns." All this, after the ludicrous rap ad - aimed at "reaching (young black voters) on a level they appreciate and follow and see if we can attract their consciousness about the election" - and the "sources" citing non-existent Chinese forces in Syria and the bizarre ego-filled house and the beatific pictures of him with Jesus and the fictional triumph at West Point and and and. Dude. Wake us when it's over.

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