Celebrating Sociopaths: When They Install Dick 'Vader' Cheney's Marble Bust In Our Nation's Capitol, Will It Include the Dripping Blood?

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Cheney serenely watching the Twin Towers fall and planning his cold-blooded revenge. White House photo.

Brace yourselves. Honoring a tradition dating to 1898 - but in the name of decency surely sometimes calls for exceptions? - a likeness of warmonger, murderer, pathological liar, torturer-in-chief and most despised man in America Dick Cheney will be unveiled in the Capitol's Emancipation Hall (sic) on December 3. The no-doubt snarling visage of Cheney, who enjoyed an approval rating of 13% when he left office, will appear thanks to a Senate resolution calling for "marble busts of those who have been Vice Presidents of the United States (to) be placed in the Senate wing of the Capitol from time to time, (and) the Architect of the Capitol is authorized to carry into execution the object of this resolution." Don't get excited. Execution here means making the statue.

The honor is inexplicably bestowed on Cheney even as former President George H.W. Bush, in a new biography, unexpectedly rips Cheney as "very hard-line" and "iron-ass" in his destruction of the Middle East, charging Cheney "had his own empire" and "marched to his own drummer," likely dripping with blood. (The senior Bush also blasts Donald Rumsfeld as "arrogant, kick-ass, (with) a lack of seeing what the other guy thinks" who "hurt the President." He's not all that enthusiastic about W either, admitting he did "worry about some of the rhetoric - cue "Bring it on" - but adding, in perhaps the most lukewarm endorsement in the history of political and filial relations ever, "He's my son. He did his best." Of course Cheney, like any good psychopath beyond criticism, takes the charge of iron-assdom as "a mark of pride." Reading the book with his evil spawn, he adds, "We smile about it, we laugh about it." We bet you do. A final question for the Architect of the Senate: Will the bust be not just smiling and laughing, but - in the name of historical accuracy - hooded, waterboarded and rectal-fed?

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