Cretins In Classrooms: Cop Fired For Not Following Proper Procedure When He Body-Slammed, Beat Up And Heaved Across Room Newly Orphaned 16-Year-Old Girl

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South Carolina Deputy Ben Fields, the uniformed thug known as "Officer Slam" last seen hurling a 16-year-old high-school student across the classroom because like pretty much any other teenager she failed to get off her cell phone as instructed, has been fired because he "did not follow proper procedure" during his assault. The 34-year-old Fields, who weighs 300 pounds and bench-presses 600, was initially suspended without pay. That news from the school board didn't sit well with incredulous parents: "You’re beating up little girls in school and you’re thinking about firing him?” Fields was subsequently fired because his "use of force was unacceptable" and he "did not follow proper training, proper procedure," said Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, who added that watching video of the incident gave him heartburn. Still, Lott insisted on pointing out that the student "started" the incident and was "disruptive." (She was also black - Fields is white - but Lott admirably refrained from describing her as "uppity.") He went on, "What she did doesn't justify what our deputy did. It doesn't justify his actions, but she needs to be held responsible for what she did." He also said he'd spoken to Fields, who expressed abusers' regret: "He tried to do his job, and that's what he felt like he did."

But wait. If his job entails flipping a teen-age girl out of her chair, slamming her into the floor, dragging her across the room and wrestling her into handcuffs - all, essentially, for acting like a teen-age girl - and subsequently causing her neck and back injuries, rug burns, a mangled cast-bound arm and likely longterm trauma, then maybe his job is the problem. Never mind the awful particulars here: The girl's mother just died, she is newly orphaned, she is in foster care; Fields is a  sociopath who's reportedly done this sort of thing before but not been filmed, is already facing several charges of excessive force against people of color, will possibly face civil rights charges by the FBI and Justice Department, and never should have been anywhere near a classroom. Still, what are any of these cops - sorry, "school resource officers" - doing in classrooms? While their ostensible job is to protect students from outside dangers, many charge their real job is to pacify, brutalize, intimidate, Gitmo-ize kids, to facilitate a growing school-to-prison pipeline waiting if they choose to act like the kids they are, and to teach them early just who is - the state - and isn't - them - in control. Especially those dark-skinned ones.

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Fields full of himself

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