Benghazi the Musical, or Dumb Men Yelling At Smart Women

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In case you mercifully missed it: Yesterday's 11-hour Benghazi grilling of Hillary Clinton was a "flaming dumpster," "grotesque partisan dumbshow," "circus of sweaty assholes," cringeworthy display of "what conservative governance (sic) looks like," devastating proof the mindless vengeful GOP would rather spend $4.6 million on flogging a raggedy irrelevant dead horse than on roads, schools or food for hungry kids, an illustration of Unicornstitution or "the desire to wrap every completely nutball idea you have onto the Constitution (to) give a big thumbs up to whatever crazy bullshit thing you already decided to do," and a "classic GOP move" whereby they take an actual scandal - US involvement in Libya and Clinton's part in yet another disastrous military intervention - and turn it into "a complete farce."

Even many of those who don't like or trust Clinton argued her patience-and-gravitas filled performance was also the most eloquent argument yet offered, even by Clinton herself, for her presidency. And in the era of an increasingly unpopular GOP war on women, the spectacle of a bunch of old weird white guys - on the glistening mohawked Trey Gowdy: "This is what flop sweat looks like" - interminably haranguing, interrupting, ranting, mansplaining and condescending to a bad-ass competent woman is a notably "bad look." Nice clueless job, many said: The GOP may have just given Clinton the White House.

Social media commentary on the debacle was pretty entertaining, and often grudgingly respectful of a candidate many really don't like: Said one Bernie supporter, "She showed the fuck up." Others argued, "This is ridiculous - why don't they just ask her if she deflated the damn footballs and be done with it?", complained, "All three Lord of the Rings movies combined were shorter, and had fewer Orcs," pleaded the country "please stop electing morons," and justifiably noted that, if you're going to hold eight hearings and spend millions of dollars and ask stupid questions for 11 hours, it makes way more sense to do it to investigate police brutality, or economic inequity, or Dick Cheney and the 4,500 dead Americans and 1.5 million dead Iraqis for which he's responsible.

At the dismal end of it, Howdy Gowdy was asked about his "findings." His response: "Uh...In terms of her testimony? I don't know that she testified that much differently today than she has the previous time she testified." Democrat Adam Smith was more concise: "What we have learned here is nothing." Except these clowns are too idiotic to be in charge of anything, and Elijah Cummings would be a great VP for Bernie.

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