GOP Bullies With Issues Really, Really Want to Go Back to the 1950s

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In case you were lucky enough to miss Tuesday's sh#tshow that was the GOP House inquisition on Planned Parenthood and the radical notion that people with lady parts have a right to health care, a summary: For five hours, a small group of hectoring, showboating, badgering, patronizing, finger-pointing, misinformation-spreading, bogus-chart-presenting and seriously rude white guys so obsessed with fetuses they couldn't even stop to let her answer their ludicrous accusations - Democratic Republic of Congo? Really? - mindlessly accosted Cecile Richards for doing her job. See Richards remain breathtakingly cool despite the 7,862 times one of these morons interrupts her.

The media consensus: the GOP specimens are “so many Captain Ahabs,” hopelessly out of touch. To prove what a crock it all was, today both the Senate and House overwhelmingly passed a funding bill that will temporarily avert a government shutdown - and, yes, continue funding Planned Parenthood, thus defeating desperate wingnut attempts to link those two wildly dissimilar issues by focusing our entire national discourse on "what happens to the babies" (aka fetuses). Alas, the funding agreement only extends to December, and at this rate, noted a top Democrat, "The prospects for forging a reasonable, responsible solution by (then) are not good.” Understatement of the decade.

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