Exceptional Chutzpah: Dick Cheney Delusional Then, Delusional Now

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Protests outside Tuesday's speech. Photo by Nicholas Kamm, Getty/AFP

With Congressional approval of the Iran deal expected this week, the slug known as Dick Cheney has inexplicably crawled out of his netherworld into public view - book, speech, op-ed, fundraising - to wave his ungodly antennae around and declare the notion of peace rather than war "madness." Despite a narrative so revisionist he's been called out by even Fox News and, now, a White House video, he continues to rant - alas, still blind to irony - "Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many."

Thus, the guy perhaps most responsible for decimating the Middle East and creating its current havoc while raking in billions has embarked on a tour hawking his latest work of hyperbole, "Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America," written with his devil spawn Liz - a book that has been dubbed "fundamentally counterfactual" and "entirely Cheneyesque — undoubting, unyielding and ultimately unconvincing." In a fundraising letter for the GOP - give them money and you'll get a signed copy! - Cheney opens with the "rarely has a president" line before charging Obama with "appeasing our adversaries, abandoning our allies and apologizing for this great nation," arguing "children need to know that they are citizens of the most powerful, good and honorable nation in the history of mankind...the defender of freedom, the protector of peace and the champion of hope," especially after awesome innovations like Gitmo and waterboarding. (You can also buy "I Miss W" mugs, GOP camo hats, and a W t-shirt proclaiming, "Before history is written down in books, it is written in courage.")

Spouting the same crap - Neville Chamberlain blah blah- Cheney also wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed and appeared at the American Enterprise Institute to proclaim an Iran deal widely recognized as an impressive diplomatic achievement a dreadful mistake born of "weakness," probably because it won't make him any money. Interrupted by a protester who was promptly hauled away, Cheney offered his trademark sneer and a derisive "thank you very much," sparking laughter in the audience because, sheesh, that woman was so silly thinking peace was a better idea than war, what an idiot, ha ha.

Cheney's lies on Iraq and Iran have been so blatant even Fox News' Chris Wallace recently called him out, inspiring the rare chance to see the usually creepily smooth Cheney stumble and stammer on air. That gift was followed by today's White House mic-drop of a terrific video finding Cheney criminally "Wrong Then, Wrong Now" by simply quoting him in an artful, Daily-Show-worthy montage in which he contradicts everything that everyone knows has actually happened since the calamitous Iraqi invasion - which, he astonishingly still insists, was a great success. Why does anyone think this psychopath has anything to say, and why isn't he in prison where he deserves to be? It's madness.

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