Play At Selling Black Bodies! An Adventure Like No Other!

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Friends of capitalism: For a swell time, why not go online and play characters in the trans-Atlantic slave trade? Get the best price for selling black people! Help abused but plucky slave boy Tim rescue his sister from rape! Find the most efficient way to stack slaves in the hold of the ship! Or just kill us now. "Travel back in time to the 18th century and  witness the horrors of slave trade first-hand," says the game description for History 2: Slave Trade. “Target audience: 8 to 14 years," because, really, what better way to provide children with thoughtful, instructive, historically accurate information on the gaping racist wound in this country's history than with a video game? 

Part of a Danish company's "educational" series, the game was created a couple of years ago, but this weekend inspired a sudden firestorm - maybe given all the dead black people scattered across our national landscape? - when it was posted on the Steam website. Sample comments: "White people are sick... This made me realize that all 'Roots' was missing was some wacky music...This game is literally a holocaust....What the fuuuuuu....!?!?" In response to the hoopla, the company first offered a 25% discount. Then it decided to remove the Tetris-style stacking of black bodies in the hold because "it was perceived to be extremely insensitive by some people....The goal was to enlighten and educate people - not to get sidetracked." Still, company officials seem perplexed and bemused by the ruckus. Joked its Simon Egenfeldt-Nielson on Twitter, "Contemplating what our next game will be.... something that can't possibly hurt anybodies feelings...maybe just do a good old plain shooter..." Ha. Riotous.

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