Donald Trump Will Make the Country Great Again By Going Full Racist When Brown-Skinned If Eminent Journalists Commit Journalism Against Him

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So this: Topping off an odious few days in which the clickbait boor of the hour won the white supremacist vote - the KKK praised him for getting "the real sentiment of America" - the moron vote - a supporter enthused he'd "make this country great again - it's on his hat" - and the misogynist vote - another stupid nasty attack on Megyn Kelly of the already breathtakingly sexist Fox News  - Trump ejected Jorge Ramos, Fusion and Univision anchor and the country's most respected Latino journalist, from an Iowa news conference after snarling first "Sit down," and then, "Go back to Univision." The confrontation came after Ramos tried to ask the Donald about his insane "plan" - estimated to cost $137 billion - to deport 11 million people he has declared "illegal" by hiring "some guys," after which America will presumably be great again. After security men bodily removed Ramos - and most of the roomful of journalists stayed shamefully in their seats - somebody in the Trump campaign evidently realized maybe it wasn't cool to throw out the journalist best-loved by the country's over 50 million Hispanic voters, at which point Ramos was allowed back in to ask some questions. But Univision viewers, and many others, have seen and heard enough: "Trump is the classic American racist." So has Ramos: "Right now, Donald Trump (is) the loudest voice of intolerance, hatred and division in the United States." Watch and listen to the crass, churlish tone of an awful human being who actually seeks power in this, our once-blessed democracy. Then give Bernie a few bucks.

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