A Good Problem To Have

A Good Problem To Have

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Sanders drew about 9,000 in Portland. Photo by Robert Bukaty/AP. Front photo in Burlington by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The Bernie Sanders surge continues, often in improbable places. In Jan-Brewer-red Arizona, his campaign has had to move a weekend event in Phoenix to a bigger-than-planned venue after thousands quickly RSVP-ed, an increasingly common snag facing the guy nobody was going to vote for. Madison, Denver, Minneapolis, Iowa, Boston, Portland ME have all seen record and/or overflow crowds that have likewise often necessitated a quick change of location, along with welcome dilemmas like running out of bagels, water and signs. Sanders is also hitting Texas this weekend, planning hundreds of livestream digital house parties for July 29, and has added a new Democracy Daily on his website to keep supporters up to date. So far, the campaign has affirmed the truth of one of Sanders' consistent themes: "Democracy is not a spectator sport."

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