Justice Hasn't Been Served

Justice Hasn't Been Served

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Using "urban intervention tactics to remind  the public of the battle we are still actively fighting,” activists with the Never 21 collective infiltrated Manhattan's posh 21 Club last week to offer rich white diners a "menu" listing not entrées and cocktails but the names of black kids pointlessly killed by police. A group of multi-racial activists, Never 21 said in a statement they are "tired of seeing men, women, and children be mistreated based on the color of their skin" and want to engage the public in dialogue about the killings of young blacks who will never see their 21st birthdays. In this action, two members smoothly posed as waiters handing out menus; others hung signs around the necks of the restaurant's iconic lawn jockeys that spelled out "Black Lives Matter." The all-white patrons were reportedly not amused. Cue discomfort.

Never 21: The 21 Club Project from Never21 on Vimeo.

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