More Guns For Everyone! Idaho School Arms Teachers and What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Because America's estimated 300 million guns and seven shootings an hour are apparently just not enough, a rural school in Idaho has bought four rifles and 2,000 rounds of ammunition for faculty to serve as a "line of first defense" against possible if currently unknown violent intruders, thus joining a growing, ill-fated trend of pretty much everyone, including school janitors, packing heat. Despite mounting evidence that the NRA-sponsored notion of arming wholly ill-equipped "good guys" against mythical bad guys is a truly lousy idea, school officials say they are "showing due diligence," so not to worry.

The isolated Garden Valley School District, with just 230 students, is on the edge of the Boise National Forest in a 2,000 square-mile area served by 11 county deputies. Because response time in an emergency could be up to 45 minutes - and despite statewide rejection of a 2013 proposal that police offer weapons training to faculty - Garden Valley school officials "seeking out different ideas" to protect students came up with what District Superintendent Marc Geethey swears "has not been a knee-jerk reaction, but a careful, deliberate process, as it should be.”

The school's allegedly careful deliberate process has unfolded in conjunction with a growing number of other questionable, trigger-happy states and institutions likewise moving to protect their citizens from the country's gun insanity and inevitable subsequent bloodshed by adding to it, usually by providing even more guns to even more people ill-equipped to handle them. To wit: Georgia passed a controversial new Guns Everywhere law; Texas has okayed guns on campus; Kansas allows no-permit concealed weapons and Maine (sigh) is working on it; school janitors in Ohio can carry guns, as can teachers in Missouri and Oklahoma, which already leads the country in police shootings; and Idaho already boasts a culture chock full of guns, from facilities offering weapons training "for the whole family" to an upcoming AFL-CIO-sponsored (WTF?) Month of Guns with daily giveaways to "the lucky winners." Plus, a conceal-carrying Idaho State prof already shot himself in the foot on the first week of classes, because, yes, this is what happens when people trained to teach or  do other non-lethal, unarmed jobs decide to play Dirty Harry and appoint themselves defenders of our "freedom."

But hey, more guns for everyone anyway! Under the Garden Valley plan, about five staff members will be authorized and trained to use and have access to the new rifles, which will be kept in a safe, so duh they will obviously be safe. The school has also bought colored vests, slings, extra magazine rounds and body armor vests, and plans to post signs warning the school has firearms and educators will defend against intruders. Which they will do, proclaims trustee Alan Ward, with "due diligence."  He adds that he is “extremely proud of the work that’s been done here...I am shocked at how well it worked out.” So far.

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