Monsanto, Let Our Farmers Grow: Rock Star Bucks Coffee Giant

Monsanto, Let Our Farmers Grow: Rock Star Bucks Coffee Giant

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The indefatigable rocker and activist Neil Young has released a new video featuring an anti-Starbucks anthem, part of Young's fierce fight against Monsanto, GMOs and Starbucks' alleged support of them in an industry lawsuit against GMO labeling. The vintage-style song, "A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop," comes ahead of this month's release of Young's new concept album, "The Monsanto Years," and a summer-long tour with Willie Nelson's sons Lukas and Micah and their band, Promise of the Real.

Young had earlier announced a boycott of Starbucks, an affiliate member of the shadowy Grocery Manufacturers Association that with Monsanto is trying to block a landmark Vermont bill, set to take effect next year, that would require the labeling of products with genetically modified ingredients. In a particularly surreal argument, the industry group has said the law is an assault on corporations' right to free speech that would "confuse consumers." Starbucks claims it has taken no position on the issue of GMO labeling, but its position on the Vermont law remains murky and Young has urged the coffee giant to "come clean" on its role in a legal action that flies in the face of "the will of the people." In the video - where he and everyone else seem to be having a rowdy good time - he wails, "I want a cup of coffee but I don't want a GMO... I'd like to start my day off without helping Monsanto." They performed another spirited,  acoustic version in Hawaii over Memorial Day. The album's out June 30. Meanwhile, there are a slew of petitions against Monsanto: here, here, here and here.

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