Breathtaking In Its Stupidity

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Oh, Wisconsin. It wasn't bad enough your alleged governor - deemed “exceptionally incompetent (and) exceptionally irresponsible” in a new editorial - just tried to defend his indefensible, intrusive, mandated ultrasounds by declaring them "a cool thing," just like a selfie in the womb. Now, in what educators are slamming as "a race to the bottom,"  Walker's GOP lawmakers have moved to further trash the state's economy and education by proposing - in a covert 1:30 a.m. committee vote, yet - to allow high school dropouts without even background checks to teach in public schools, thus totally eliminating any licensing standards for teachers because, really, who needs good teachers, students, skools or minds? In the spirit of the times, a Wisconsin resident has written an open letter to Walker to announce she's ready to upgrade her current job - as a teacher, actually - and take her "Be A Surgeon" test.

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