Lucille Is Crying, Long Live the King

Lucille Is Crying, Long Live the King

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Archival photo courtesy of Front photo by Bob Guthridge.

B.B. King - legend, beacon, sharecroppers' son, gentle man, chairman of the board, king of the blues "who did more with the silence between notes than most can do with the notes themselves" - has died at 89. Being a blues singer, he once said, "is like being black twice." When he played, "I am trying to get people to see that we are our brother’s keeper...We all have the blues." He told the same truths in his autobiography: "Blues All Around Me." For now, his website mourns, the thrill is gone. From one admirer, "Take your rest brother. Job well done."

A B.B. King documentary, The Life of Riley, comes out next week.

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Photo by Les Opiola

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