Guns 'R Us: Actual Elected Official Sure Loves His Assault Weapon, aka "Beautiful Patriotic Paper Weight"

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A Colorado Tea Party rep sorta got into trouble for posting a photo of himself and a like-minded colleague with an illegal-in-D.C., stars-and-stripes bedecked AR-15 until police decided it's no biggie if our political representatives idolize and fetishize a firearm that looks like "the unfortunate offspring of a military artillery piece having sex with a Toby Keith concert" and then use the controversy to get people to give him more money so nobody will have the audacity to question his firearm judgment again. GOP Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado tweeted a photo of himself and South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy holding his prize AR-15 rifle in his Capitol Hill office, where, alas, assault weapons are banned. After the photo made the rounds and caused a stir, Capitol police ruled that members of Congress are exempt from the district's regulations - though none evidently bothered to question why in God's name any of our elected representatives choose to get their rocks off by publicly cradling lethal weaponry.

Buck - who opposes any gun restrictions and holds an A rating from the NRA - argued that the gun lacked its bolt carrier assembly, which rendered it inoperable and thus merely "a beautiful, patriotic paper weight." The mini-uproar allowed Fox News to bemoan that Buck had gotten flak for "having a patriotic firearm" and Buck himself to utilize his brief Twitter infamy by asking other patriots to rise up and give him money. In an e-mail titled, “Emergency! Anti-Gun Liberals Attack Trey Gowdy and Me,” he blasted commie types who he said had reported him to police and urged supporters to donate to "strengthen our fight against anti-gun activists...The Second Amendment exists to protect your God-given right to bear arms (and) the actions by Anti-Gun Liberals against Trey Gowdy and me are just another attempt to strip us of our rights." Oh right, our "rights." The rights regularly proclaimed by a Congress so heavily lobbied they are now largely owned by a likely illegally-funded NRA. The rights that allow us to slaughter each other and, when in doubt, threaten to, at unimaginable rates. The rights that have made us, according to an international survey, by far the most heavily armed country in the world; the only other one that even comes close is Yemen, which has more excuses. Buck and his ilk - who have power, money, a platform and evidently no understanding that "patriotic" has nothing to do with weaponry - have no excuses.

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NRA donations to Congressional members

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