Sticking It To the Man: Tushi the Chimp 1, Drone 0

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Nature won over technology, hands and sticks down, when the folks at Royal Burgers' Zoo in The Netherlands tried sending out a drone over the chimpanzee enclosure for a closer look at how their 14 evidently privacy-loving apes live. The $2,000 drone was flying overhead, recording  for the TV show Burgers' Zoo Natuurlijk, when 23-year-old female Tushi decided she'd had enough. Standing in a tree and grasping a long branch, she took two skillful whacks that slickly downed the drone. "That was a bummer," said Zoo spokesman Bas Lukkenaar, who added, "We can write the drone off." Still, he took pride in Tushi's principled and skillful stand: "She is very handy with sticks." With the camera on the ground but still rolling, Tushi and her curious neighbors assembled to inspect their kill. Cue cool chimp selfies.

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