The Only Appropriate Public Event For George Bush To Attend Is His Own War Crimes Tribunal

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Bravo to Phyllis Bennis, longtime activist,  author, scholar and Director of the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, who attended a Hofstra University Conference on the George Bush Presidency to declare - bluntly, calmly, clearly, hedging no bets - Bush a war criminal. Starting with the simple, devastating recognition that the Middle East is now more dangerous because of Bush's illegal wars, Bennis cogently outlined why the criminality of Iraq and Afghanistan lay both in the way those wars were conducted - collective punishment, massive civilian deaths, rendition, torture - and more fundamentally in the fact they happened at all.  Grounded in the notion of American exceptionalism and sold as wars of self-defence, they were,  of course, wars of aggression - deemed at the Nuremberg trials "the supreme international  crime," from which all other crimes stem. For that reason, Bennis said, "the legacy of George W. Bush is going to be that of a war criminal." From a painful past, a breath of fresh, truthful air.

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