On Idiot Warmongers

On Idiot Warmongers

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Big oops for the infamous letter to Iran by our jingoist Gang of 47, which has not just been derided by Khamenei for signifying America's "collapse of political ethics" but is being savaged across the country. Scores of news editorials have blasted it as outrageous, shameful, traitorous, foolish, petty, irresponsible, dangerous, shallow, bizarre, an abomination etc etc etc; many have also agreed with no less than Iran's foreign minister that the bloodthirsty clowns who perpetrated it need a good high school civics lesson. The stunt by Cotton and his GOP cohorts has also sparked a White House petition calling for the prosecution for treason of the aforementioned clowns - it has collected over 250,000 signatures in two days - and prompted both a Facebook page titled Republicans Are Idiots and a flurry of furiously trending hashtags: UniteBlue, IranLetter, 47Traitors, GOPWantsWar. Manyexpress outrage that defense contractors, already bloated with profits from our last few senseless wars, may yet stand to make more. Meanwhile, the hawks and halfwits who started it all were reportedly surprised by the blowback. On the subject of possibly facilitating yet another ill-conceived Middle Eastern war, this time with a maybe-nuclear Iran, the increasingly decrepit John McCain allowed as how they actually kinda rushed through the whole letter thing what with a snowstorm coming and all and maybe it wasn't such a hot idea after all. Margaret Atwood: “Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results.”

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The purported original draft for the letter to Iran


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