Chicago's Gitmo

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More gruesome stories emerge daily from mostly black victims of a Chicago police "black site" where they were held incommunicado, punched, beaten, interrogated, denied counsel and water, shackled in stress positions and otherwise subjected to "Gestapo tactics" at a Homan Square warehouse increasingly being compared to Gitmo. Said one former detainee, “They got kennels - like, for people. I didn’t really want to believe that, but it is the truth.” Outrage is growing, as are actions and social media campaigns organized by Black Lives Matter and other groups:  A “Shut Down Homan Square” protest Saturday, a rally for reparations for longtime victims Monday, local and national calls for investigations. Any clear-eyed observer has to connect the abusive dots: Chicago becomes the grim logical conclusion, and ugly microcosm, of a broken system from sea to shining sea.

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