Walking While Brown, Chapter 6,782

Walking While Brown, Chapter 6,782

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In further evidence U.S. police forces include way too many racist thugs who slam 'em to the ground and beat 'em up first and (possibly) think second, Madison, Ala. police partially paralyzed a 57-year-old Indian gentleman after assaulting him for taking a morning stroll through his engineer son's affluent white neighborhood. The cops were called after a caller declared Sureshbhai Patel "suspicious," apparently believing he was scouting garages for the right place to plant a bomb because he hates our freedom, when in fact he was admiring the clean streets before going in to help take care of his newborn grandson. When police accosted him, he repeatedly said "No English" and pointed to his son's nearby house, but police just pounded him anyway. Surely an understandable mistake, yes? No, said Hank Sherrod, the family's attorney, who did not mince his words. "There is nothing suspicious about Mr. Patel other than he has brown skin." The family is suing. On their part, Madison police admitted no crime was committed. They did suspend the officer, launch an investigation, and wish Mr. Patel "a speedy recovery." Only in America, where this sort of thing inexplicably keeps happening, day in and day out, far too often, and will likely continue to until a big enough fuss is made about it.

Update: The cop who threw Patel to the ground has been arrested on an assault charge. The odds he'll actually do any time remain unclear.

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