All Further Articles for 2015-02-11

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Oh Lord, Save Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Hell, Make It the Whole South, Amen
Poor Dixie. Heads are exploding across the South as change, arduous but inexorable, comes to a God-fearing people even less able to accept it than the rest of us. Faced with stunning images like this from Alabama's current battle over gay marriage, southern states are inventing ever more desperate legislative moves aimed at stopping time. Among their crackpot schemes: Declaring their states Christian, English, prayerful, straight, Bible-based and in no need of "tyrannical" health care, thanks.
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Walking While Brown, Chapter 6,782
Proving U.S. police forces still include way too many racist thugs who slam 'em to the ground first and (possibly) ask questions later, Alabama cops assaulted and partially paralyzed a 57-year-old Indian gentleman for taking a stroll in his engineer son's nice white neighborhood. A caller had declared Sureshbhai Patel "suspicious." Only, the family attorney persuasively argued, in that "he has brown skin." Police said they're investigating and (really) wished the victim "a speedy recovery."
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015
The Only Honest Name In News: Jon Stewart Leaving the Daily Show
The news Jon Stewart is retiring from The Daily Show has been met with a collective Noooooo! Why: That night, Stewart took on the Brian Williams debacle with his usual acumen, mourning Williams as a victim of "infotainment confusion syndrome." He noted, "Finally, someone is being held to account for misleading America about the Iraq war...Never again will (Williams lie about) a war we probably wouldn’t have ended up in if the media had applied this level of scrutiny to the actual f*cking war.”
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