You Make Sure You Do Good

You Make Sure You Do Good

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Friday would have been the 70th birthday of the great Bob Marley, just 36 when he died. To mark the occasion, his family and Videoo have launched the #Share1Lovecampaign, wherein anyone posting a video of an act of kindness will raise $1 to charity: water, which brings clean drinking water to those in developing countries without it. “My father’s universal message of love, peace and unity continues to transcend borders, cultures and generations,” said Cedella Marley." #Share1Love is an extension of his vision, encouraging people to unite through positivity and hope and give back to those in need.” Much more activity to recognize Marley: celebrations in Jamaica, previously unseen performance footage, a look back at his often-underappreciated songs of struggle and protest, and several online campaigns to honor the legacy of a guy who so fervently, consistently insisted that "everybody a search," but "you have to talk the truth." May he be at peace.

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