Fox News (Sic) Can't Get No Respect

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Talk about idiotic chickens coming home to roost. Since Fox "News" committed its infamous No-Go-Muslim-Zones-in- Europe crime against coherence - followed by a flood of red-faced apologies to "the people of France and England" for its "terrible error," "inexcusable error" and "regrettable errors," which is to say its longtime Islamophobic existence - Fox remains the butt of much hilarity from a disbelieving world, from a still-lively #FoxNewsFacts hashtag to gleeful spoofs and broader mockery of Fox' "Barbie and Ken...specialist on France" by "Le Petit Journal," France's popular version of The Daily Show to, now, a threat from Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo to sue their provincial butts for trashing the " image" and  "honor"  of France, never mind that litigation is likely not as sharp a tool as wit in what is after all a fight about free speech. Adding domestic insult to possible international legal injury, today the White House issued press placeholders at its State of the Union Lunch that inexplicably left out the word "News" on Fox' cards. Mark Twain: "Genuine humor is replete with wisdom."


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