Come and Take It: Gun Freaks Will Make Their Own Guns At Capitol Rally To Better Taunt Regular People

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Because what we really need is more guns and their mission is "taking gun rights to a whole new level" and "freedom is coming back to these United States of America!", Come and Take It Texas will rally "in a way as Big as Texas itself" at the opening of Austin's legislative session to support House Bill 195 - which would allow them to open-carry not just long guns but handguns when they go get a snack at Chipotle - by not just turning up locked and loaded but also by "manufacturing firearms on location at the Capitol" with their new Ghost Gunner machine, because, really, what could be cooler?

Staying true to "being the front line for gun rights," Come and Take It Texas, a particularly enthusiastic branch of Come and Take It America, reports having enjoyed a stellar year for gun rights along with groups like Don't Comply! and Cold Dead Hands in which "all around the Lone Star State (they) assembled in Humanitarian efforts all while Open Carrying their Long Guns and Black Powder Pistols," thus successfully "educating the Public as well as Law Enforcement to show that the presence of Firearms in Public is not only Safe but Highly supported" (sic) and issuing "a war cry by brusquely impatient Return our Freedom." They plan to accomplish this at a Jan. 13 armed rally where they will use their newly purchased Ghost Runner, a 3-D printer invented by an Austin gun-rights activist, to make the "heart and soul" of a gun that lacks trigger and barrel, but is close enough to the real thing to be legally defined as a firearm, and to make the whole give-us-back-our-gun-rights-argument - about rights they in fact never had and in any case aren't currently threatened - "a little more interesting," supporters say.

Remarkably, it seems Texas has both uber-gun-rights advocates and regular gun rights advocates, who sometimes disagree. Now some of the regular guys are arguing that making your own guns on the steps of the Capitol "seems confrontational, and, really, needless." The president of Open Carry Texas, which plans to rally later this month carrying empty holsters instead of firearms, worry the Ghost Gunner stunt could set back their cause and has asked the uber-idiots not to use it. “We’re trying to get open carry passed, we’re not trying to get let’s-manufacture-guns-on-Capitol-grounds passed,” says C.J. Grisham. “What is the point here?”

E-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t question. Your (probably incomprehensible) move, gun freaks.

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One of the rally organizers

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