St. Louis' "Justice" System - Hell, Even the Whole Country's - Might Actually Be Forced To Work One Day

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The lawsuit by a member of the Ferguson grand jury challenging a court gag order is only one of several moves - including an ethics complaint - against St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch and his sketchy law enforcement colleagues, whose long, corrupt, once-unassailable reign is now facing protests, legal challenges and angry calls for accountability. The lawsuit on behalf of an unnamed grand juror by the ACLU, which argues "the rules of secrecy must yield," charges that McCulloch dishonestly portrayed the grand jury despite claims of  "transparency," disproportionately blamed victim Michael Brown rather than killer Darren Wilson, and explained the law "in a muddled and untimely manner."

Thanks to both attrition and more recently the good work of good people, there's much more. The lawsuit charges come amidst increasingly harsh questions about McCullough and his old boy way of doing things: decades of controversy about his family ties to police brutality cases; months of criticism, including from Missouri's A.G., about his handling of the grand jury and the process itself; growing evidence he knew of perjured and clearly bogus testimony from witnesses; a growing movement to impeach him; a scathing open letter from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund that could re-open the case against Darren Wilson by challenging the "deeply unfair" way the grand jury proceedings unfolded; and a bar complaint filed against McCullough and several cronies by a group of citizens and attorneys led by The Ethics Project  alleging violations of over 15 Rules of Professional Conduct during the grand jury proceedings - that, despite McCullough's laughable claims to presenting "all the evidence." Farther afield, there's also been the recent arrests and teargassing of protesters trying to evict the St. Louis police, and a freedom of the press lawsuit against the Missouri Department of Corrections. The lies, and anger, mount. We can only hope that in both St. Louis and elsewhere they may one day spark change - for starters, a justice system that comes closer to committing justice.

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