Oh America: Two-Year-Old Shoots Mom Dead In Walmart Because Freedom

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We really, really don't want to start the new year with this, so let's get it over with. Victoria Rutledge, a 29-year-old nuclear science researcher, gun rights advocate and "beautiful person,” was shot and killed by her two-year-old son while shopping in an Idaho Walmart after he somewhat predictably pulled her loaded handgun out of the conceal carry purse her husband had just bought her for Christmas. Police said the shooting "appeared to be accidental." You think?

Rutledge, of Blackfoot Idaho, was reportedly visiting relatives and had gone shopping that morning with her son and three nieces to spend Christmas gift cards. They were near the electronics department when her son, sitting in the cart with her purse, found the gun. A family member described Rutledge and her husband as “outdoorsy, responsible people” who strongly believed in the right to carry guns. Rutledge had a concealed weapons permit for the gun that killed her, which was legal under Idaho's recently broadened, already generous gun rights.

The uber-American story - guns! idiocy! shopping for TVs in Walmart! - prompted some harshly, justifiably caustic responses, along with the usual who-us? backpedalling from gun freaks. Ban toddlers! Guns don't kill people - reckless toddlers do. We need more guns! The two-year-old was simply standing his ground! The only thing that stops a bad baby with a gun is a good baby with an UZI! What was her color - was this a racist toddler? North Korea hacked him! A gun in every shopping cart...car...lunchbox!

The husband was reportedly "at a loss to explain how the accident could have occurred." He was also at a loss to explain to his two-year-old son "why his Mom isn't coming home." Law enforcement officials variously called the shooting "a pretty tragic incident," "a tragic accident," and "a horrible, horrible accident." Actually, let's just call it an obscenity - entirely preventable - and be done with it. Oh, America.

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