NYPD Throw Entirely Inappropriate Tantrum At Funeral After Mayor Suggests They Can't Kill Black Kids With Impunity

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Proving they're often not just racist and brutal but petty, vengeful, childish, grossly insensitive and "stunningly thin-skinned," hundreds of the same people who called for no protests until slain police officers were laid to rest chose to protest  at the funeral of one of their own by turning their backs on a democratically-elected-by-73%-of-the-population mayor who has (mostly) supported the right of free speech, movingly cited "a history that still hangs over us" in describing his fear over the fate of his own bi-racial son, and reasonably called on police to stop being racist, brutal et al in the name of doing what they're supposed to be doing, which is protecting and serving. Though there were thousands who didn't join them, the idiot cops who turned away from the video of de Blasio acknowledging the "family of the NYPD, which is hurting so deeply" thus managed to politicize a personal tragedy, to upstage and disrespect a grieving family, and to offer what Keith Olbermann called "a giant EFF YOU to the citizens of this city." In other words, wrong place, wrong time, wrong cause, and time to be big boys now. The officer killed, Rafael Ramos, was by all accounts one of the good guys: A 40-year-old, Puerto Rican father of two who cared about his community, served as a marriage counselor for his church and was studying to become a police chaplain. The thugs protesting - led by a toxic police union president who has blamed de Blasio and protesters for having "blood on (their) hands" - are not, and are on the wrong side of history. This will be a long hard changing of the guard, but it will come. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton “If we can learn to see each other, to see that our cops are people like officer Ramos and officer Liu, to see our communities filled with people like them too...If we can learn to see each other then, when we see each other we’ll heal.”

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