Oh God, Another Body?!

Oh God, Another Body?!

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You hear someone say that at the scene of the death of yet another black teenager, Antonio Martin, shot by a cop at a Missouri gas station just two miles down from Ferguson; in newly released surveillance video, Martin appears to point a handgun at the cop before being gunned down, but many questions remain. Because we have been here before, the rest plays out, grim and stale: Martin  lay on the ground for two hours without medical attention; his mother wasn't allowed to see him; the cop had a body camera and dash-cam, both turned off, and a taser he chose not to use; the police chief said "bad choices were made" but the cop “responded with what he thought was commensurate force at the time" and these endless killings are "nothing but tragedies"; Martin's father said his son was "like any other kid with hopes and dreams"; police let it be known Martin was "known to them"; protesters appeared, threw rocks, blocked roads, got arrested; Twitter raged, often wryly connecting the dots to Ferguson and New York: "We're calling on all police officers to hold off on killing black people until Antonio Martin is laid to rest"; an investigation is underway. Updates forthcoming. What's left to say? Oh God, another body.

Or maybe this: "Because white men/Can't police their imagination/Black men are dying."

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