Some Monsters Are Real

Some Monsters Are Real

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On Sunday, the still-afflicted residents of Newtown marked two years since the horrific murders of 26 people with private reflection and church services calling on families to "remember the love they gave us" and "lift each other up." Since the shootings, many things that should have changed have not - there is still almost one school shooting a week in this country, with little movement toward significant gun control legislation - but some have. A group of victims' families are suing gunmakers; many are drawing connections between Sandy Hook and the epidemic of gun violence everywhere else; efforts are underway to improve mental health resources; and among many newly activist parents, group Sandy Hook Promise to protect kids from gun violence, advocating acts both large - fighting for policy change - to small, like talking to your kids, lessons in prevention and educating educators on the signs of someone in crisis. They've also released a chilling video, "Monsters Under the Bed," laying bare what we do and don't know about protecting our kids.

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