Elizabeth Warren Rocks, And Eviscerates Another Squirming Swindling Bureaucrat

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When Harry Reid announced a new Senate Democratic leadership role for Elizabeth Warren, he was asked what he expected her to do. His response: "I expect her to be Elizabeth Warren." And now she is. A day after meeting with Walmart workers and vowing to fight for them, she decimated the new head of Federal Housing Finance Agency at a hearing for failing to help a single family - out of 5.3 million homeowners facing foreclosure - by using principal reduction relief programs required by law, and proven by numerous studies to be a win-win for both families and mortgage holders. Mel Watt stammered and mumbled that “it has been a very difficult issue” and "we have to do this in a way that is responsible." Warren minced no words and ripped him a new one. The night after the hearing, in her first major speech in her new role, Warren went on to blast GOP so-called trickle-down economics for having "failed spectacularly." This is a leader. The woman below the video, not so much.

“It has been six years since Congress created FHFA and in all of that time, your agency has never, not once, permitted a family to reduce its principal mortgage through Fannie or Freddie. I’ve asked about this repeatedly and you said you’d look into allowing Fannie and Freddie to engage in principal reduction, you said it again today...You’ve been in office for nearly a year now (and) I want to know why this has not been a priority for you...Every day that you delay, more families lose their homes. I want to know - when are you going to have an answer on this?”

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