Yes, They Really Are Proposing Trashing the Motherland For 50 Jobs

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With a close Senate vote expected Tuesday on Keystone - and creative protesters descending on Mary 'I Love Keystone If It Will Get Me Re-Elected' Landrieu's lawn with an inflatable pipeline to give her a taste of what's to come and warn like-minded Democrats where they and Native-Americans stand - it's remarkable most media missed Sunday's stunning admission by TransCanada CEO Russ Girling that, yes, in fact, just like all those greenish naysayers have charged, Keystone will create just 50 permanent jobs. Of course he hastened to add there will be 9,000 temporary construction jobs and "42,000 'indirect' jobs (waitresses et al) for companies that will thrive during the two years of construction and then quietly, painfully die off, as will the surrounding landscape after the accompanying devastation followed by the inevitable leaks and spills and disasters. But still: 50 whole jobs, or as the GOP talking points would have it, "Jobs, jobs, jobs!" Call your senators.

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