An American Problem: Ferguson, Anonymous, the Cops and the KKK Await

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As it waits to hear if a grand jury will indict Darren Wilson for shooting down Michael Brown, Ferguson is more than ever a volatile amalgam of forces drawn up against each other: A governor so eager to use the threat of state power against anyone uppity enough to challenge the decision he's already pre-emptively declared a state of emergency, law enforcement loudly gearing up for the alleged threat of extremists and Communists (?!) joining protests, a KKK reportedly emboldened by protest-fuelled new recruits threatening "lethal force" against "terrorists masquerading as 'peaceful protesters,'" a subsequent Anonymous hack of Klan Twitter accounts followed by an image of a lynched Klansman and the release of photos and names of Klansmen unrobed under the hashtags #opKKK and #hoodsoff, a dramatic die-in drawing hundreds of protesters, and a largely black, long angry community barely able, after all that's come before, to hope for justice. In A Communiqué from Ferguson, a powerful new 9-minute video from the community and its myriad activist groups, people describe the explosive feeling on the ground. Above all, they insist that the wrongs represented by Michael Brown's murder - Ferguson's failings and abuses and systemic racism - are "an American problem." They've also launched the hashtag #FergusonSpeaks. It's long past time somebody listen.

Ferguson Speaks: A Communique From Ferguson from FitzGibbon Media on Vimeo.

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