Burying Their Heads In Brisbane

Burying Their Heads In Brisbane

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As world leaders arrive for a G-20 summit in Australia stubbornly slated to pretty much ignore climate change in favor of promoting economic growth, hundreds of protesters organized by 350.org. took to the popular Bondi Beach to send a message to PM Tony Abbott and G20 leaders: "The world is acting, and we’re sticking our heads in the sand.” Despite this week's new climate agreement between China and the U.S., Australia's record remains dismal. Last summer Abbott, who has described climate change science as “absolute crap” and coal as “good for humanity,” pressured the Senate to scrap a two-year-old carbon emission tax and otherwise trash renewable energy targets, thus rendering Australia - the world’s 12th-largest economy, with one of the highest per capita fossil fuel emissions among industrialized nations - the only country to reverse action on climate change. You can follow livestream of the weekend's G-20 events and protests here.

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