No Charges For Baby-Burning Butt-Stupid Cops Because Hey Mistakes Happen

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Warning: Skip if you have high blood pressure. A grand jury in Georgia has declined to charge any of the cops in a SWAT team's botched drug raid who threw a stun grenade into the crib of 19-month-old Bounkham “Baby Bou Bou” Phonesavanh, thereby severely burning him, detaching his nose from his face, disfiguring his mouth and possibly causing him brain damage, with the grand jury arguing in a 15-page report that even though the drug investigation leading to the May raid - at a house where it turned out their suspect didn't live, and where no drugs or guns were found - was "hurried, sloppy and unfortunately not in accordance with the best practices," they found "no evidence of criminal intent or negligence," a phrase you'd think would EXACTLY describe what went down, but anyway why are these people living crowded into relatives' houses in a poor area if they don't want their children's noses burned off when police show up and make an honest mistake like they're bound to do 'cause jeez they're human too ya know. The kicker (warning still applies): The county's board of commissioners has also decided it will not help pay for Bou Bou's medical expenses, including his five months in the hospital, many plastic surgeries and ongoing care of the hole in his chest - his mother changes the dressings several times each day - because to do so "would be in violation of the law," and we are, if nothing else, a law-abiding nation. Bou Bou's family, who before the assault had just moved from Wisconsin because their house burned down, recently returned there, presumably in the hope they would be safer from psychopathic law enforcement and county officials. If, unlike almost all the players in this story, you are a human being with a brain or heart who feels understandably moved to help a long-suffering family and grotesquely wronged child, you can donate here. His mother describes the family's injuries, anger, trauma and heartbreak here.

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