Jordan Has Received His Justice. Many Others, Not So Much

Jordan Has Received His Justice. Many Others, Not So Much

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Remarkably, jurors have found Michael Dunn (white) guilty of first-degree murder for shooting to death unarmed teenager Jordan Davis (black) for the crime of listening to loud "thug music," a verdict Davis' family celebrated as giving "justice not only for Jordan, but (for) Martin (and) all the nameless faceless children that will never have a voice." Alas, their numbers keep growing, and seem likely to continue to: The Justice Department has declined to bring civil rights charges against George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin, Ferguson officials aren't telling anyone squat about the killing of Michael Brown, a South Carolina trooper shot (but incredibly didn't kill) an unarmed guy for getting his license out of his car as instructed while black, and Brooklyn cops browbeat a group of unarmed kids to "get out of the neighborhood" for walking down the street while black. The lawyer for Jordan Davis' family called the Dunn guilty verdict a "shining example" of a justice system that looks, not at skin color, but "the minds and the souls and the hearts of people, of human beings."

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