Bomb Everyone Muslim, Even If They Did Invent Algebra

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Our perpetual war grows ever more appalling, with new estimates that U.S. airstrikes against ISIS have (and will continue to) cost over $1 billion a month even as a mounting consensus finds those strikes financially, politically and morally indefensible. Barack Obama has now bombed seven largely Muslim countries, notes one critic, in each case citing a moral imperative that in fact we could just use "to flatten the entire Middle East...The targets change, the policy doesn’t." As ever, many Muslims feel caught in the middle of collective misrepresentation. Some have responded with a #Not In My Name campaign to denounce the Islamic State. Others, fed up with having to feel defensive about correcting extremist stereotypes, created the sardonic #Muslimapologies. "I'm sorry for inventing surgery, coffee, universities, algebra, hospitals, toothbrushes and  vaccinations," reads one. And, "Sorry for saying 'may peace be upon you' every time we greet someone." Meanwhile, James Madison had it right long ago:  "A standing military force will not long be safe companions to liberty... The means of defense against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home."

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