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Bill O'Reilly Will Save Us From ISIS

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Those of us distressed by our current airstrikes on Syria and woeful, endless, all-round saber-rattling should take heart. Fox News' Bill O'Reilly has come up with a "real" solution to ISIS from his ingenious bully (sic) pulpit, aired and then doubled down not just on his pretend news station but others evidently as bereft of knowledge, nuance, intellect and historical perspective: Have Congress declare war on terror (brilliant! who coulda thought of that one?!?) and then create a "well-paid, well trained" mercenary army of 25,000 "elite fighters (to) defeat terrorists all over the world," which army would be English-speaking and obviously devoid of any bad guys with any urge to pilfer or divert its shiny new toys elsewhere, so all good, except that, actually, as a military expert who knows something as opposed to nothing about these things promptly pointed out, such army would be illegal, immoral and an altogether "terrible idea," besides which, we sort of have that now, which is called our military forces, but hey, nothing ventured.....Seriously? Is this what media "analysis" of international crises has come to? Regrettably, the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup comes to mind. Their joyful declaration, "To war! To war!"
"We got guns! They got guns! All God's children got guns!"

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