Do Not Waste Time

Do Not Waste Time

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Maybe Sunday will prove to be a seminal moment in the climate crisis. Maybe not. On the same day three new studies reported the grim news that the world last year pumped 39.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air - 778 million tons, or 2.3%, more than the year before, and more carbon pollution than ever before - as many as a half million people took to the streets of New York to call for change. Scientists quoted on the studies, which appeared in the peer-reviewed journals Nature Geoscience and Nature Climate Change - stated the obvious melancholy reality: The numbers are moving "in the wrong direction." Organizers have called on people to Flood Wall Street on Monday to keep up the pressure. It remains to be seen if it will be enough. For now, for a spark of inspiration, check out the aerial view of democracy in action.

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