Like A Gang: NYPD Strikes Again

Like A Gang: NYPD Strikes Again

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Another day, another brutal police assault for the crime of standing on the street while Hispanic. Santiago Hernandez, 23, has accused a half-dozen NYPD cops of punching, beating and kicking him as they investigated a noise complaint - really? - in the middle of the day in the Bronx. They found nothing. Hernandez then had the audacity to ask why they were searching him in the first place when the egregiously racist Stop and Frisk program has supposedly been halted. They they attacked him. Cellphone video backs up his account. The NYPD, already more than justifiably suspect in communities of color, is said to be "investigating." You kinda have to wonder: Just how many of these "investigations" for similar outrages - see the Muslim human rights attorney arrested while waiting for her kids outside a restaurant bathroom - will it take for change to happen?

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