Kill Bill and Everyone Else: Spoofing ISIS

Kill Bill and Everyone Else: Spoofing ISIS

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Arguing that "belittlement is your enemy's greatest fear," several Muslim activists have taken on the risky strategy of using satire as a weapon against the supremely unfunny atrocities of ISIS. Taking to the same social media platforms that ISIS uses to recruit and propaganidize, their campaigns range from mock ISIS Movies - The Hills Have Alis, ISIS Doubtfire, My Best Friend's 11-Year-Old Daughter's Wedding, Crouching Caliph Hidden Sheikh, Monsters Inc, No Country for Old Men, Or Young Men, Or Women and Children - and TV shows - Everybody loves Abu Bakr Baghdadi, How I Behead Your Mother - to ads, videos and entire Onion-like news stories. In one, the invasion of Beirut is delayed by ISIS (Idiot Sycophants of Islamist Saboteurs) due “crazy traffic, bro” and their inability to "figure out how to oust non-existent state institutions from power" while respecting "communal coexistence" among the country's three presidents, prominent political parties, neo-feudal leaders, religious zealots, local bosses, garden-variety thugs, foreign participants and pop-up NGOs. “We do not yet understand the Logic of Lebanon," they complain. “Who the fuck do we overthrow around here?”

, responding to criticism of her campaign on the grounds that you can't make ISIS funny: "This group is cutting the heads off Muslims and playing soccer with them. We are in deep crisis mode here. I will mock and criticize their evil in every form in takes."


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