Police Riot: Ferguson Residents Sue and Otherwise Demand Their Humanity Back From Thug Cops

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Calling the hyped-up, gun-toting army of Ferguson goons "completely out of control," Black Lawyers for Justice have filed a federal lawsuit seeking $41.5 million on behalf of five protesters - the number will likely grow - arrested, beaten, tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed, almost drowned, shot with rubber bullets, called dreadful racist names and otherwise brutalized, along with the media, for exercising their Constitutional right of peaceful assembly. Seeking a "fresh start" for a divided community, another group of attorneys is asking Ferguson's mayor to grant  amnesty for thousands of non-violent bench warrants issued to residents. They argue those unpaid fines serve as barriers to jobs, training and housing, with the added "psychological trauma of spending each day subject to arrest and incarceration." The town has almost double the number of warrants than residents - over 40,000, compared to 21,000 - which kinda offers a sense of the beleaguered tenor of life there.

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