This Is What We Have: Gaza's Heartrending Rubble Bucket Challenge

This Is What We Have: Gaza's Heartrending Rubble Bucket Challenge

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Using debris from the obliterated homes all around them to put a trenchant, gritty spin on the ubiquitous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Palestinians have created the #Rubble Bucket Challenge - also the #DustBucketChallenge and #RemainsBucketChallenge - to highlight the massacre in Gaza and ask for worldwide solidarity "to pressure Israel to stop this genocidal act." The videos, which invariably note there's no water nor electricity to make ice cubes, range from the light-hearted to the somber, like the moving tribute to those lost from Palestinian singer Mohammad Assaf. The challenges don't ask for material aid - though that too is desperately needed - arguing "money will not bring the so many innocent souls back to life." Like the recent posting of the names of over 500 children killed in the assault, they make the modest, harrowing request we simply see, and hear, and speak up against the violence.

Journalist Ayman al-Alul, one of the creators of the Rubble Bucket Challenge

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