An Unnecessary Thing: Racism Is Alive and Vile and Raising Money For Killer Cop Darren Wilson

An Unnecessary Thing: Racism Is Alive and Vile and Raising Money For Killer Cop Darren Wilson

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Look no further than the online site to raise money for MIA Ferguson cop Darren Miller, who gunned down Mike Brown evidently because he didn't like the color of his skin nor the fact that Brown might have had the uppity gall to talk back to him, to discern the racist cesspool still festering beneath our national landscape. GoFundMe’s Support Officer Darren Wilson page has now raised over $300,000 - more than the Mike Brown Memorial Fund, not to mention the t-shirts selling fast - from white people grateful that Wilson, in his role as "animal control officer," took up the admirable task of "cleaning up the streets" of yet another thug, big guy, bad guy and "unnecessary thing." The glimmer of hope here: There were almost as many comments from people appalled at a. the very existence of the site and b. the  "bunch of vile racists" it's drawn, and many have clamored for the site to close down. Best comment: "What the fuck?" Still, the comments, evidently egged on by the trolls of 4chan, got so egregious that GoFundMe disabled them. Disabling the hatred behind them and the institutionalized racism that gave rise to them obviously isn't as simple, despite all the current talk of healing and change. For many, what lingers from Ferguson is "one ghastly fact" whose implications will have to be confronted: They left the body in the street.

"Ferguson, Missouri was a place where they left a body in the street. For four hours. And the rage rose, and the backlash built, and the cameras arrived, and so did the cops, and the thing became something beyond what it was in the first place. And, in a very real way, in the streets of Ferguson, the body was still in the street. What kind of place leaves the body of a boy in the street? What kind of country does that?"

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