Raise Your Head High

Raise Your Head High

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Vowing to be "as persistent in our resistance and solidarity as Israel's occupation," protesters in New York City unfurled a massive illicit Gazan flag on the Manhattan Bridge - reading "Boycott, Divest, Sanction" and "Gaza In Our Hearts" - to cheer on cohorts marching across the nearby Brooklyn Bridge. In another small but vital protest against the ongoing devastation and trauma in Gaza, where many are laboring to help in a place where "havens are far, heavens are closer,"  Gaza native, Arab Idol superstar and UN Goodwill Ambassador Mohammad Assaf has cancelled an upcoming Abu Dhabi concert and released a powerful video in solidarity with Gaza. It has already garnered over a million hits. "The origin of dignity is humanity," he sings. "Life your head high/ It is your weapon."

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