Ireland's Zombie Armagayddon: So Much...Equality

Ireland's Zombie Armagayddon: So Much...Equality

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Confronting the inevitable freakout, Ireland's LGBT Noise has made the slyest, funniest video ever to gear up for this weekend's March For Marriage, and next spring's referendum on marriage equality. Meet John and Mary, a paranoid straight couple who have barricaded themselves inside their home, and their son inside a box,  to guard against the coming Armagayddon - and the two guys next door who insist on buying their groceries. Tagline: "Marriage Equality - It's Not the End of the World, Lads." Brilliant.

John: "We tried to blend in, but the weddings were... unbelievable. I felt completely underdressed."

Mary: "And the cakes were...amazing."

John: "It was at that point it became a question of survival."




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