Not In Our Name

Not In Our Name

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Amidst the ongoing massacre in Gaza, it's hard to find any scrap of hope. Perhaps just this: The growing number of righteous people, including many Jews, who "insist on the truth" - who are speaking up, bearing witness, and vowing to bring justice to the Palestinian people not through violence but "with the power of humanity and morality." Joining the protests of hundreds of thousands - and the courageous journalists willing to call out the collective punishment of Gaza for its "refusal to be a docile ghetto" and the killing of children as "something every one of must confront" - is the often pained dissent of Jews who reject the hoary old claim that the violence is "for us, for our ancestors, for our children," and say "not in our name": the Jews refusing to serve in the IDF;  occupying the New York offices of Friends of the IDF to read the names of the Gazan dead; gathering to hauntingly read the Kaddish, the mourners' prayer, over those dead; working to end the Occupation through economic pressure on those companies profiting from it; and writing ceaselessly, publicly, movingly of the "inhuman wilderness" they are witnessing, and their own determination to end it. It's not much. But it's something. In the name of all the innocents lost, of blessed memory.

Update: Israel is now bombing children in their sleep - in this case, at a UN school where Gazans had fled for shelter. What else can be said.

Update 2: Author and activist Norman Finkelstein was arrested today as he and about 100 others took part in civil disobedience, lying down in the street outside New York's Israeli consulate, to protest the atrocities in Gaza. About 25 others were also arrested.


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