All Further Articles for 2014-07-28

Monday, July 28, 2014
Everyone Gets A Gun: Kids Should Learn Readin' and Writin' and Shootin' 'Cause Guns Make Our Lives Better, Also Government-Subsidized Ammunition!
What, you thought the NRA couldn't get any gun-nuttier? They did. Their new video - part of a series aimed at millenials - argues that just like we have laws protecting access to education and parks and voting, we should have them for guns, which are just like that, and though wussy liburals say guns are "dangerous," actually "people need guns," so we should have gun-required zones where kids need to learn to shoot to advance to the next grade, and the government could subsidize shooting just like schools and other "things we value," just like our Founding Fathers wanted. Also freedom, and cash flow!
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This Is How They Lived
Seeking to make real each grievous Gazan death among the staggering numbers, a new website, Humanize Palestine, serves as an online memorial, posting not just names and numbers but images and short biographies of each victim under the heading "In Memory." Its creators say their goal is both to bring together the Palestinian community in mourning, and to help others better understand "who Palestinians are. This is how they lived. This is how their lives were ended."
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We Believe You/It's Not Your Fault: Everyone Has A Story
Stuff happens, especially (still) to girls struggling to grow up whole. Acknowledging "how unbelievably painful and confusing it is to navigate the world as a teenage girl" and the unceasing stories of being "victimized, scared, confused, ashamed, alone, defeated, empowered, defiant, triumphant," writer Lindy West has begun “I Believe You | It’s Not Your Fault” - sub-headed "Notes From Your Big Sister" - a sort of Girls' Guide to Rape Culture Tumblr in which women who've "been through some stuff" offer an alternative narrative to girls by telling their own stories in essays and letters. Both devastatingly and inspiringly, West has been flooded with intensely personal stories with telling titles like "Sometimes He Was Good To Me" and "They Just Wanted To Leave A Mark." Talk to us about anything, she urged readers, and they are. "We’re here, and there are so many of us...We’re all throwing ourselves against the same wall, and we have been for generations."
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