Open Carry: Guitars For Guns

Open Carry: Guitars For Guns

Fed up with the well-armed histrionics of Open Carry Texas freaks who insist on hauling assault rifles in with them to buy lunch, about 500 Texas musicians responded with the first Open Carry Guitar Rally, packing a giddy array of instruments and singing a repertoire ranging from Steve Earle to Outkast to Star-Spangled Banner. Part of a broader, brilliant Guitars For Guns campaign - shades of Woody Guthrie, whose guitar famously read 'This machine kills fascists' - the event was organized by self-proclaimed instigator Barry Kooda: “It’s about guitars. I don’t own a gun. I own a bunch of guitars.” For Texans, another sage explained, "a bizarre phallic obsession is just part of your DNA...The guitar obsessives are the safest people to be around.” Just in time, the current Rolling Stone has an in-depth exploration of much of America's other, more deadly obsession.

"This is punk. This is patriotic."

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